Monday, February 25, 2013

Super Quick Fix for Super Funky Kitchen Odors

We just started practicing the bokashi composting method in January and boy does it stink when we open that container! (I think it's because we're not using enough bran but my other half is the mayor of that project so I'm going to let him make that call.)

Keeping open mason jar of vinegar atop the bokashi scrap bin.
These days it's too cold to open the window for half an hour or so and let the fresh air take care of it. Good thing we've always got white vinegar on hand. Now after opening the funk factory (aka scrap bin), I quickly put out a little mason jar filled with the vinegar and the foul smell dissipates in 5 to 10 minutes.

The vinegar can be re-used for other projects later so you get double bang for the buck! You can also leave the vinegar filled jar out fighting funk all day and refill when needed, as it will eventually evaporate.

Check out for more interesting natural ways to tame indoor odors.

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