Friday, June 7, 2013

How to Refresh Vintage Clothing

Meghan Graham, owner of Into the Wardrobe, offered me this tip for refreshing dry clean only vintage and second-hand clothing:
  1. Wet a washcloth with water. (Not dripping wet.) 
  2. Place it into the clothes dryer with the offending article(s) of clothing. 
  3. Run the machine on air setting (no heat) for a few minutes.
  4. Flaunt your fresh style!
I told Meghan my trick for removing the smell of perfume or mildew from funky clothes: I spritz them with vinegar. She thought it was a good idea but warned that the acidity of vinegar can ruin certain fabrics, especially silk and wool. It's good to have friends who are pros!

What about moth balls? Moth balls are toxic (they're a pesticide) so she says it's best to not even bother with clothes that smell of them. If you can't live without a particular item that's been stored with moth balls (like maybe your great-granny's sweater), Care2 suggests putting the clothing in the sun, repeatedly until the smell disappears.

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  1. This is good to know! I have quite a few vintage dresses I took from my Great Grandma's that have been stored for years and not the cleanest...

    1. right?! i was totally excited when she shared this with me. i didn't even know my 80s drier had an air setting. (I don't use it much!)

  2. thanks for sharing! i frequent thrift/vintage stores and have left clothing i liked in the shop because i was not sure how to clean it up (or if it would even be possible). will try this for sure! if only i had snagged those dresses! enjoy your day;)

    1. I predict there will be many more fabulous vintage dresses in your future Chandra. Have a beautiful day too :-)

  3. Do you think this would work on fur? I got this really cool jacket last year, but haven't worn in bc I couldnt get that vintage stench off :/



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