Monday, June 24, 2013

#MeatlessMonday: Raw Kale, Cantaloupe Melon, and Walnut Salad

It's suddenly so hot here in Providence. Are you hot? I got you, boo. Here's a quick, light dish that doesn't require turning on the stove.

Raw Kale, Cantaloupe, & Walnut Salad

This raw salad features kale from my garden, cantaloupe melon (which is in season and was on Madness Sale at Whole Foods Market), and walnuts.

You'll need:
  • a nice, juicy lemon
  • salt (I used Kosher, but sea salt works too)
  • a bunch of kale (washed, stems removed, & torn into large-ish bits)
  • honey or agave
  • olive oil
  • black pepper
  • cantaloupe, diced into big bite sized chunks
  • toasted seeds or nuts

Do this:
  1. Put kale in a big bowl. Drizzle a wee bit of olive oil on it. Pour juice of half a lemon over. Toss in a bit of salt.
  2. Massage the kale with your hands. It will start to wilt. Yay!
  3. Now, make the dressing: Whip together juice from the rest of lemon, honey, pepper and olive oil.
  4. Add melon and nuts to kale.
  5. Pour dressing over and toss.

This is my twist on Aarti Sequeira's recipe for Massaged Kale Salad, so check out her recipe on the Food Network website for more detailed instructions. You'll notice the original recipe featured mango and pepitas, two foods I like but didn't have on hand. I think any smooth fruit would be good in this recipe. I'd like to try sunflower seeds in this next time I make it. Sunflower seeds seem to sing summer somehow.

Adding random pic of my guy holding the kale right after he picked it just cuz I think he's cute.

Do you ever make a raw kale salad? What do you usually toss into it? Also, are you sad that it's too hot to grow kale now? I am.

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  1. yes, it is hot and i think i must try this! i eat raw kale all the time, but never knew the trick to get it to wilt down. genius!! hope all is well with you;) have a good day.

    1. I'm hoping this recipe will unite overheated kale fans everywhere! :-) Thanks for visiting again Chandra!



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