Monday, June 17, 2013

Food in the Nude: 10 Simple + Yummy Raw Vegan Snacks

I will totally eat whatever snacks are available to me. Cupcakes? Sure! Carrot sticks and hummus? Sign me up! I enjoy earthy, snappy, crunchy healthy foods and sugary, salty, fattypants snackypoos equally. However, I generally end up eating whatever is in front of me because I don't like to spend a lot of time thinking about, seeking out, or preparing food.

That, and it's hard for me to gain weight-  a lame excuse I use to convince myself that what I eat doesn't matter. Nevermind that I have horrible PMS, painful long periods, bad skin, and low energy! (Skinny does not equal healthy folks!)

Using my new Vitamix to make green smoothies is one way I've managed to get better-for-me foods into my body.  I usually have a smoothie for breakfast and/or an mid-day snack. Smoothies are seriously the secret to eating healthy without sacrificing the lazybones lifestyle!

Still, I often find myself stuffing my face with chips, crackers, baked goods, and trail mix. Why? Three reasons: I get overwhelmed in the grocery store and make bad choices (or no choices at all). I don't like cooking much therefor food usually dies in my fridge before I eat it. I am horrible at figuring out what foods go well together.

So today for Meatless Monday I've created a list of my favorite healthy foods that don't need to be cooked, blended, juiced, soaked, dried, paired, or dressed up to be enjoyed. I'm talking about food in the nude.

Peas from my garden

These are 10 awesome snacks that can be zoinked from the grocer or garden then mindlessly nibbled exactly the way mother nature made 'em. Many of these are in season locally now too. Extra bonus!
  1. avocado
  2. romaine lettuce
  3. cucumber
  4. peas & pea shoots
  5. radish
  6. turnip
  7. kohlrabi
  8. watermelon
  9. corn
  10. cherries
I'm totally putting this list in my phone so I have it ready whenever I go grocery shopping.

What's your favorite food in the nude?

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  1. Since spring/summer started and fresh produce became much more readily available, almost all of my snacks are now raw fruit, and I love it. I'm also trying to eat plain salads for lunches when I'm at only problem with that is that I really don't like salad...but I'm working on convincing myself that I do.

    1. Ha! Good luck with your salads. What if you made a dressing with your favorite fruit? You might like it better. I just did a google search and found these easy yummy recipes from New Latina:

  2. I will max on some raw broccoli. It has the best crunch factor.

    1. Yum broccoli! My favorite thing about broccoli is the florets look like little trees.

  3. I make smoothies almost daily. This morning I made one with kale, banana, and pineapple juice, etc. It was delicious. It is my go to breakfast in the morning. Where did you get your Vita mix? I seriously need to upgrade my dinosaur of a blender.

    1. Your smoothie sounds yummy!

      My friend Melissa Danielle (aka The Badass Blender Woman) shared a link with me to get a refurbished Vitamix. It is significantly cheaper than buying a brand, spanking new one. Info is in the sidebar of her website:



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