Friday, March 21, 2014

Reluctant Person's Guide to Eco-friendly Spring Cleaning

Psyched about spring cleaning? Not really, but gonna do it anyway? Here are some awesome resources I created to help you get it done without going bonkers.

Make a Personalized Spring Cleaning Checklist
My list of 15 questions will help you brainstorm and create your own checklist for cleaning, organizing, and downsizing this spring. Get started!

7 Tips for Spring Cleaning Success
These tips will motivate you and help you stay on track to meet your spring cleaning goals. Tip #1: Treat Yo' Self! Read all the tips here.

Get a Quick Start on Green Cleaning
Still using regular ol' cleaning products? No bigs. You can easily make this spring the season begin your transition to healthier, eco-friendly products. Check out the resources page on my blog to find posts that will teach you the basics of green cleaning. Grab my eBook to learn even more!

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