Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What Rich Dad Poor Dad Taught Me About Health: Lesson One

I'm currently reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, a financial literacy book for beginners. I'm learning a lot about how money works from this simple book. What's surprising is I'm also seeing lots of connections between building wealth and maintaining health.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Lesson 1: The rich don't work for money. They make money work for them.

Health Connection: The healthy don't work for food. They make food work for them.

Healthy people choose to eat food that nourishes them and gives them the energy, focus, and vibrancy to live long, happy, and healthy lives. They don't chow down on junk food filled with empty calories that make them feel sluggish and sad.

In Lesson 1, author Robert T. Kiyosaki also points out that rich people use their intellect to make choices about money. They don't let emotions like fear and greed govern them.

I can think of many times in the past where I let fear and greed govern me. I wanted clear skin and to get rid of my muffin top but I also felt anxious, hell-bent on self-sabotage through procrastination, and, honestly, a little mad at myself for feeling this way so I found myself drinking greyhounds and shoving frosted cupcakes into my face. Argh!

 For me, getting healthier meant honoring my body and my divine right to feel amazing. It meant choosing to listen to the beautiful, strong spirit that lives within me and letting her guide me to foods and activities that would me feel vibrant and capable of overcoming obstacles. Staying healthy means loving myself up. Love can conquer fear!

It's very simple, but honestly staying healthy is simple. Unfortunately, sometimes we forget but that's why we have each other.

I'll continue to share each lesson of What Rich Dad Poor Dad Taught Me About Health in future blog posts.

Have you read Rich Dad Poor Dad? Do you see any other connections between wealth and health?

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