Sunday, January 12, 2014

#BeMOCreative Week 1 The Artist's Way Check-In

Yesterday I wrapped up Week 1 of #BeMOCreative group journey through The Artist's Way.

One challenge I had to overcome this week is my issue with "doing nothing". It's a struggle that popped up in my early adulthood. I can't blame bad parenting. I didn't grow up with a lot of structure. I had no play dates, soccer practice, or French club to put on my calendar. I didn't even have chores or deadlines. But god knows when I became an adult I fell in love with structure and rules. I have a special romance with the penalties that come with moving outside of them.

As a result, the Artist's Date was the toughest thing for me to do this week. "I'm supposed to do something just for fun?" I whined. I decided to confront my fears head on. Instead of going to a movie, gallery opening, or other artsy event, which- despite being totally valid Artist's Dates- had the structure of a time frame and the distraction of other people, I challenged myself to "do nothing."

After many days of hemming and hawing, I put my internet-faring devices in another room and parked myself on the couch and in front of the space heater. I nibbled on Inspiration Sandwich: Stories to Inspire Our Creative Freedom by SARK. I sipped on catnip tea. I must confesses at one point I got anxious of doing nothing so I nervously scarfed 3 gingersnap cookies. That didn't help. I laughed out loud at some funny dog poems. That did.

During my hour on the couch, I inked the teensiest doodle, but really my artist's date wasn't about making art. The Artist's Date is about refilling the well of creativity with inspiring sensory experiences. Taking time out to connect with the creative child that lives inside of us. I think it was a success. I felt very calm after the date. I think I needed a little break. I will surely take time out to do this again soon.

How comfortable are you doing nothing? What was your greatest challenge with Week 1 of The Artist's Way?

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