Friday, January 17, 2014

What Will You Say "Yes!" To?

So many nos pop up when we talk about health. No sugar. No caffeine. No dairy. No gluten. No a million other things.

I'm totally in favor of cutting out substances and habits that aren't serving us. Still, I'd love to expand the dialogue beyond no, beyond the negative.

Lately, I'm wondering what can I say yes to. What positive things am I willing to do to make my body and my spirit sparkle?

I'm saying yes to more coffee and lunch dates with girlfriends.
I'm saying yes to getting playful with my creativity.
I'm saying yes to doing everything a little more playfully.

I'm saying yes to daily afternoon dance breaks.
I'm saying yes to naps when I need them.
I'm saying yes to second and third servings when I want them.
I'm saying yes to cuddling my critters, especially when I'm "too busy".
I'm saying yes to working a lot in pursuit of my dreams without working "hard."
I'm saying yes to loving the struggle of difficult times.
I'm saying yes to the juicy experiences that exist on that wiggly, wobbly border between my desire and fear. (Rollerskating is one of them!)

What will you say yes to in order to be healthier and happier in 2014?

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  1. OMG, YESSSS Olivia! I LOVE this! I need to work on my Yes list! I think I will do that instead of a to-do list from now on.

  2. Yes, girl, I say yes! Yes to dates with friends, yes to honoring my body, yes to painting my nails more often! Thanks Olivia...great post!

  3. thanks Shon! that all sounds awesome. i just bought a glittery bottle of nail polish. i'll be joining you on that one.



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