Thursday, January 9, 2014

What to Do When You Crave Sugar

Here's how to karate chop sugar cravings in 5 steps.

When a craving for sweets pops up, ask yourself if you've missed a meal. If you have, eat that meal. You're hungry. If you haven't, drink 16oz (one pint) of water. Many sugar cravings are caused by thirst.

Wait 20 minutes.

Still craving sugar? Have a snack. Start with a high nutrient, low-calorie vegetable snack like raw orange or red peppers or homemade kale chips or roasted seaweed. Packaged kale chips and roasted seaweed snacks can be fine. Just be sure to read the ingredients and make sure it doesn't contain sugar. Food manufacturers are sneaky! (Annie Chun's Cracked Pepper & Herbs seaweed snacks are sugar free.)

Wait 20 minutes.

If you're still craving sugar, bring in the troops. Try higher calorie, colorful veggie snacks like carrots- raw or steamed, Fall or winter squashes- steamed, or yams/sweet potato- baked. Fruits, especially green apples which are low in sugar, also make a good snack.

Wait 20 minutes.

Still craving sugar? Have a small amount of good quality dark chocolate. I love Equal Exchange's Lemon Ginger Chocolate with Black Pepper. It's sweet enough to get the job done, but still has the benefits of dark chocolate. It does contain a fair amount of sugar so don't go wild. Really stick to 1 or 2 squares.

Wait 20 minutes.

Still craving sugar? Maybe something deeper is going on. It could be caused by a nutritional or emotional deficit. Sometimes we just need more calories, fat, or a specific vitamin. Sometimes our cravings for sugar (or alcohol, nicotine, or any other drug) are really about cravings in other areas of our lives.

Do you ever crave sugar? Is there anywhere would you like to experience some sweet expansion in your life?

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