Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wanna Look Like a Cover Model?

Upworthy gave four women "cover model" makeovers complete with professional hair, make up, and some serious Photoshopping. They then made this video of their reactions to the final photos.

SPOILER ALERT: The women weren't pleased with the photos, even though the physical features they griped about earlier were gone.

At first I didn't see the big deal. The women didn't look that different in the final photos. When I watched the video again I noticed the things that made them quirky, and stand out, were gone. Freckles disappeared along with curves and smile lines.

I understood why they were disturbed. I'd be pissed if my nubbin was removed in Photoshop. It's part of my identity. However, if someone wanted touch up a photo to give me the appearance of clearer skin I wouldn't argue with that. Still, I don't wear any makeup ever and I love my sharing my very unedited photos- at least the best ones. ;-)

Just another day in the life of celebrating nubbin pride.
Do you have any "imperfections" that you'd be sad to see edited from a photo? 

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1 comment:

  1. This Video is awesome! I totally agree with the women. We think oh wouldn't it be nice to look like the women in magazines but the women in magazines are thinking the same thing. Its unrealistic and totally lacks originality and personality. I am super big on being comfortable in your own skin, I never wear makeup and people are always trying to put it on me, I would be pretty mad if my skin was touched up:) Thanks for sharing girl!



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