Friday, February 28, 2014

My 10 Favorite Snacks & A Healthy Snack Guide for You

Being healthy and maintaining your ideal weight doesn't mean never snacking. It means choosing snacks that are packed with nutrition and love, instead of empty calories and guilty feelings.

When choosing a snack, I like to think about what foods make me feel my best and taste good. I also try to think of snacks as an opportunity to fit in the things I know I should be eating, like more protein and veggies.

Here are my favorite go-to snacks:
  1. chunky peanut butter by the spoonful
  2. dark chocolate, especially with almonds and sea salt
  3. tamari roasted almonds
  4. stove top popcorn, made with canola oil and topped with just sea salt or Adobo seasoning mix and dried dill
  5. celery, room temperature only cuz I'm picky like that, plain or with hummus or nut butter
  6. Smoothies, usually banana + kale or spinach + nut butter + ground flax seeds + nut milk + cocoa powder + vanilla extract + cinnamon, but sometimes I make the same smoothie with coffee syrup instead of greens cuz when in Rhody...
  7. these crazy peanut butter sandwiches
  8. corn chips and salsa, although I've eaten so much of this I'm kinda over it. Kinda. I'm sure I'm just a purchase away from falling face first into a bag of blue corns.
  9. another meal because sometimes I'm just plain hungry
  10. coconut tahini sweeties, a new sweet favorite that keeps me from going bonkers for doughnuts and cupcakes, which were totally number 1 on my snack list two years ago
Not everyone thrives on the same types of foods. What are your favorite snacks?  

Expand your repertoire of healthy snacks!  Get your free Healthy Snack Guide from Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

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  1. Love those snacks! I can't do the P.B by the spoonful though, I can with a nanner:) Peter loves tamari Almonds. And we are suckers for Corn chips, salsa and Guacamole. We also eat a lot of Go Raw Super cookies chocolate flavor. Plantain Chips. Apples and raw flax crackers and hummus!



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